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local moversWhether it’s the former or the latter depends largely on what moving company you hire. If you select a large, impersonal company with headquarters a thousand miles away, you might not get the service you want and deserve. If, on the other hand, you select a local company with a keen sense of accountability to local residents, you will likely find a responsive company sensitive to your needs.

If you’re looking for a professional local mover that is familiar with your area, then Orem Movers is the professional moving company for you. We have served the Springville area and Utah Valley for many years.

In fact, because Orem Movers hires only experienced movers and has a stable of professional moving equipment for any situation, we can move whatever you’ve got that you want moved. If you have a grand piano, that’s great, we’ve moved plenty of them. We can move your art objects, exercise equipment, even your hot tubs. So we’re a full service moving company ready to serve you, and we’re local.

And since we’re a full service moving company, Orem Movers can offer a plan to match your budget restrictions. For instance, if you like to “do it yourself”, you can select our “Customer Pack” plan, in which you wrap and pack all your smaller items while our professional moving crew wraps and pads the larger items, such as furniture and exercise equipment. This will save you some dollars, since we charge only for time and for packing materials used (not pads and blankets, which we will use again on other moves, just tape, wrapping paper, boxes, and such materials as we cannot use over again). There is one drawback to this service, and that is that you must sign a damage waiver for any items that you pack yourselves. But if you feel comfortable with this and with your packing abilities, you can save money with this plan.

Our most popular plan is Full Service Moving. This means just what it says, i.e., the Orem Movers professional moving crew will do all the packing and loading and transporting and unloading of all of your items, except for certain items that you might want to put in the trunk or back seat of your car and transport yourself.

Orem Movers’ final plan, the “Labor Only” plan, is typically used for two situations. The first is if you’re hiring or renting a truck yourself and you need some muscle and experience to wrap, pad, and load your belongings. Just make certain that you get a big enough truck to hold all your goods. The other situation, and this occurs more often than one might think, is if you’re moving your home or your office to a very nearby location, such as next door, just across the street, or within the same building or complex that you’re in now.

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